Character Defects

Are like weeds in the garden: they keep coming back no matter how many times you think you have eliminated them.  from  As This Bill Sees It for February 22nd.


Criticism of AA

A new book, Unbroken Brain, by Maia Szalavitz contains criticism of AA.  Nothing wrong with that except in this case as with other critics of AA the author assumes AA is received in the same way by all who belong to AA.  I know that not to be true. The author of this book is critical especially of prayer as a means of treating addiction.  I would too if prayer is viewed as a singular activity.  It isn’t.  I pray not for intervention by some other worldly entity but as goal setting for myself.  If I desire something then I must ask myself what do I need to do to  make that goal a reality.  So prayer for me and others in and out of AA is different than the stereotypical prayer of godly intervention.

This author falls into the trap that her experience is the only valid one.

Republicans Can’t Help Working People

Listening to Kasich and other presidential candidates for the Republican nomination is listening to people who can’t face their failed policies.  In particular they are being reminded that all their economic policies are aimed at the top earners.  They are now claiming that they need to focus on the middle class and the workers.  And yet, the simple policy change would be to drop their obsession with right to work laws.  Nothing more disastrous to the middle class has been  the destruction of unions.

Educating Presidential Candidates

I would like for presidential candidates to really focus on education and schools.  They or their staff need to visit classrooms, talk to teachers, listen to kids, attend educational conferences, tell us what books and articles they have read about education other than the blogs and editorial pages and editorial pundits of the right wing politics. This would show a real interest and perhaps a better understanding of what is occurring in schools and colleges.

In sum I want informed candidates talking from an position of personal knowledge

Obamacare worse than Slavery?

Can anyone  take seriously Carson’s claim that Obamacare is worse than slavery?  How many people have been lynched, beaten, had their children taken from them as a result of Obamacare.  Why doesn’t anyone challenge this stupidity as he makes it?

We don’t need another failed Mid East Nation

The Israelis’ Prime Minister wants sanctions to continue until the Iranian government collapses.  We have seen the results of such collapses, Iraq in particular.  Who is to say ending the Mullahs rule would result in an end to the threat of a nuclear Iran?  I would guess that it wouldn’t be as “productive for the region” as Netanyahu assured the Bush administration and America that our toppling Saddam would be for the Middle East.

It amazes me that the people who supported the Iraqi war could even be listened to concerning the Middle East.

The Unemployed Preferring Working After All

Not mentioned in any of the articles about the resurgent economy was the death of the Republican myth that the unemployed didn’t want to work, that they were willing to live high on the hog with the benefits given to them by Democrats.  But surprisingly those who faced bleak employment opportunities have re-entered the job market.  That is the cause of the rise in the unemployment rate.  It seems if the job market improves the unemployed seek jobs after all.  The “luxurious” life of the unemployed is not so attractive.