Protests vs Voting

Obviously, protesting is an American right.  But so is voting.  I am wondering how many of the protesters voted in the last election.  Total voting was what?  37%?  So, if you really want change, vote dammit.


Energy prices

If we didn’t have the gas mileage requirements because of CAFE standards how much more gasoline would be using? What if we had the same standards of insulation of homes and businesses?  What if we had not demanded more efficient light bulbs?

All this is to point out how better off we are because of those nasty regulations imposed by our government.

Colbert wil have coddle rightwingnuts

Carter, who has written extensively about the late-night comedy landscape, spoke with HuffPost Live’s Josh Zepps on Tuesday about the end of “The Colbert Report” and its host’s transition to taking over David Letterman’s “Late Show.”

“You have to be broader on a network late night show, and one of the things you have to do is play to the middle of the country,” Carter said.


That means Colbert can no longer be content targeting liberal viewers in New York and Los Angeles, Carter explained.

Two things about this pundits advice. #1  Conservative is not the middle of the country. #2Just because all others have done this, doesn’t mean that others (Colbert) has to follow their examples.  I think they are often called trend setting.


Recognizing Cuba

I find it sickening that the US is recognizing Cuba diplomatically because their human rights record which includes documented water boarding, physical beatings, mental harassment, deprivation of sleep, deprivation of food, water, continuous lighting,etc.  Why would we want to be associated with a government that does.  Oh, I know that we recognize countries that routinely torture like China, Saudi Arabia, but this is different: this was an act of Obama and he always screws things up